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Saturday, 24 October 2015


Watch Out!!!
This is where we celebrate Aerospace Legends and their achievements.
The Interview Promises to be thoughtful, exciting, inspiring and challenging!

Watch out for November Personality.
We bring you a woman of substance in the Aerospace Industry who has made her impact felt all over the world.

Do you know any Aviation legend you would like us to interview and profile as our personality of the month? Kindly get in touch with us with the profile of the person, our team will review it and consequently fix a time to interview the person via skype, phone calls and otherwise.

There is an excitement associated with the word airplane that creates the spirit of adventure, the project will use the excitement of aviation to educate and inspire the youth in Africa and their counterparts across the world, engage their minds in meaningful and rewarding investment, thereby using it as a veritable tool to address the menaces of corruptions that Africans, especially the youth, get involved in and reduce the chances of being lured into secret cults and other unlawful societies.

This special column is created to:
  • Bring Aerospace information to Nigerian campuses; primary, secondary and tertiary institutions.
  • To instill the spirit of greatness in our youths across the world.
  • make the needed positive change in the aviation industry within and outside of Nigeria
  • leave a legacy for the generations yet unborn that it is possible to achieve greatness without being dubious and fraudulent,

We will not only bring the relevant science, mathematics and technology components of aviation to Africa, but also more importantly use it as a tool to inspire Africans to reach for new opportunities. Aviation is mesmerizing to young people, and provides avenue for inspiration that they may not have otherwise. We have found that this reign true no matter what part of the world you are in.

Today, aviation is competing with other recreational activities. Therefore, we want students at all levels to feel welcome and participate in Aerospace, Aviation and Space Science/Technology. 

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